Shannon Festival

Shannon is a great place to work, and an equally great place in which to live, shop and spend leisure time in. Shannon is a sizable community, with a resident and a daily working population of almost equal size, yet, the constant dilemma for Shannon Chamber is how to bring the two communities together.

Following a number of public meetings and interaction with numerous Community groups in the Town, the concept of organising and running a Shannon Festival was put forward; the first in over 30 years. Shannon Chamber is delighted to be associated with such a venture as we believe it can be built upon in the years to come and enhance Shannon’s visibility as a work/life location.

The Festival has gained momentum in the past month and a full weekend of events is being drawn up and will be finalised at the next Festival meeting, which takes place in the ‘V Space’ in SkyCourt Shopping Centre on Monday, 18 July at 6.30pm. A dedicated Facebook page has been set up and we are encouraging as many of our members as possible to follow it

The biggest issue of concern for the organisers (of which Shannon Chamber is a contributor) is the funding of the event. The total cost of running this festival will be in the region of €17/20,000 with €10,000 already in place.

This is where Shannon Chamber members can play a part.

As this is an initiative for the community by the community, the Festival committee is asking the Shannon Community – residents and businesses alike – to make a nominal contribution to fund the Festival.

Two (2) Flag Days have been sanctioned for SkyCourt on Friday and Saturday, 22 and 23 July, aimed at residents.

All SkyCourt businesses have been asked to make a nominal contribution of €100 and most have agreed to do so.

Shannon Chamber, as a member of the organising committee, is now asking its members to consider making a similar nominal contribution of €100. This would also serve to create a link between the social and business sections of the community.

As mentioned above, this is a not-for-profit initiative for the community, by the community. All contributions will be used to fund the operating costs: hiring the equipment, entertainment, providing sound & lighting, marketing etc. In return for their contribution, all businesses that donate will have their company logo displayed and will be promoted regularly on social media etc. 

We hope that your company is in a position to support this initiative and welcome your feedback in this regard.

Should you wish to make a direct contribution, you can do so through making a €100 lodgement to the bank account (details below), where all contributions will be tracked.


The Shannon Venue Ltd

Ulster Bank Shannon




IBAN: IE16 ULSB 9862 5010 632948


We do hope you can give this favourable consideration. It’s a proactive undertaking by the community of Shannon by the community of Shannon.