We continually monitor the economic landscape and assess where our input, on behalf of members, can influence or make a difference.  We seek, where possible and relevant, to make direct submissions to Government – acting as our members’ spokesperson when inputting to national debate or policy.

In other instances, when we consider that the voice of our national organisation could be be more powerful than a voice at local/regional level, we present our members’ views via Chambers Ireland, for inclusion in their submissions to Government

Shannon Chamber Submissions

Shannon Chamber Shannon Town and Environs LAP 2024 – 2030 FINAL September 2023

AEC Chambers Submission to OREDP II Final April 2023 – April 2023

Submission to Bus Connects Limerick – April 2023

Shannon Chamber re Mid-Term Review of the Regional Airports Programme 2021-2025 – Jan 2023

Submission to N19 Shannon Airport Access Road Improvement Scheme EIAR – December 2022

Submission to National Road Haulage 10-Year Strategy  November 2022

Shannon Chamber Submission on Enterprise Policy White Paper July 2022

Shannon Chamber LSMATS Submission June 2022 updated 19 July 2022

Shannon Chamber response Clare County Dev Plan 2023-29

Shannon Chamber response Draft STMP Dec 2021

Shannon Chamber STMP Submission 3 Sept 2021

NDP Review Inputs from Shannon Chamber Final pdf version

Shannon Chamber re Nat Transport Investment Framework

Shannon Airport Access Road Improvement Scheme N19 final

NDP Review Inputs from Shannon Chamber Final

Shannon Chamber CAM Public Consultation Submission FINAL

Shannon Chamber Clare County Development Plan Issues Paper FINAL

Shannon Chamber LSMATS Submission Oct 2020 FINAL


Response to Draft National Tourism Policy for Ireland Report – August 2014

Response to Draft National Aviation Policy for Ireland Report – July 2014

Integrated Irish Aviation Policy Issues Paper – July 2013

Developing a National Aviation Policy to Ireland Issues Paper – July 2013

Chambers Ireland Submissions

Chambers Ireland Submissions can be accessed via the following link: