Customs Authorities and importers can now verify the authenticity of a Certificate of Origin issued by an Irish Chamber of Commerce using an online system developed by Tradecert.com

There are two methods to verify the authenticity of a Certificate of Origin.
Each Certificate issued online via the Tradecert.com system will be imprinted with a unique serial number and QR Code. You can then either:

–    Enter the 20 digit serial number to the website www.CertificateOfOrigin.com
–    Scan the QR code (using for example a smart phone with a QR code reader app)

Both options will allow you to view the verified document and the contents as they appeared when the Chamber authorised the Certificate. This allows Customs authorities and importers to ensure that there have been no unauthorised amendments or alterations to the Certificate since it was authorised by the Chamber. There is also the option to show any certified attachments to the Certificate of Origin.