Membership means Belonging, feeling Welcome, and having a Place in a group with a common purpose.

That place within Shannon Chamber is different for each and every member. It is very much linked to a company’s positioning – whether you are a multinational company, an SME or a sole trader, to your stage of development, and to your current/desired level of linkage with the business community locally, regionally and nationally.

Our challenge, as an organisation with 290+ member companies, is to deliver a range of services that benefit members, individually and collectively, that helps them to grow their business, and that gives them a platform to voice their opinions on a wide range of business issues.

We respond to this challenge by working with our diverse membership in many ways:

  • Roundtables and Forums
  • Education and Training
  • Building Relationships
  • Lead Generation
  • Information Gateway
  • Communications
  • Showcasing Members