Take a moment to look at the quality, scale and nature of business undertaken every day in Shannon… you’ll be amazed at how Shannon impacts our lives.

The next time a colleague, a family member or a friend is leaving home to catch a plane from Shannon, tell them that there is a good chance that a Shannon company is involved somewhere along the way.  

  • Some of the software on the PC used to make their booking was probably delivered through Digital River’s online fulfilment engine.
  • The speed of downloads and data transfer on their PC was probably facilitated by Intel or Mentor Graphics.
  • Their smartphone or tablet probably has a GPS or timing device developed by CW Applied Technology, connectors manufactured by Molex using tools developed by Smithstown Light Engineering and a screen protector produced by Zagg.
  • Their travel and gadget insurance is probably provided or handled by Whitehorse Insurance, AXA Partners or WIPRO.
  • The plane they are travelling on could be owned and leased by GECAS or AerCap, maintained by Lufthansa Technik Shannon or Atlantic Aviation Group, using tools with Element Six abrasives and held together by SPS Technologies.
  • The aircraft engines are probably provided by Engine Lease Finance Corp or Shannon Engine Support and repaired by Lufthansa Technik.
  • The smoke and carbon monoxide alarms they see on the ceiling as they close the front door behind them are from EI Electronics.
  • Depending on their stage in life they might also be walking to the car with the aid of a Zimmer knee implant, or a stent that was manufactured using equipment designed by Modular Automation, and the medication prescribed to assist recovery was developed using diagnostic tests developed b Reagecon.
  • The oxygen that keeps us alive on an aircraft is quality monitored using AGC Instrument’s Gas Analysis Systems. The oxygen beside hospital beds and the anaesthetic gas used before operations is most likely quality controlled by AGC Instruments.
  • The applications that run the leasing management processes and the international IT support desk for the largest airplanes ordered from Boeing and Airbus are most likely designed and developed by Piercom.  The applications used to pay for our government services are designed and developed by Piercom.
  • Arriving back to our chilly wet climate they will be glad that the central heating boiler in their home is probably managed by a controller designed and manufactured by Tekelek and, the level of oil or gas in their storage tank is probably measured by a monitor made by
  • The smart devices we use in our everyday lives will eventually be connected to the Internet, powered by chips and software developed at Intel.
  • Reading from a computer or smart device is made possible with interconnection content from Molex; the cars we drive to work in are loaded with Molex connections and, most home appliances in our homes are made using Molex Connectors from Shannon.
  • If they have a well for either home or agricultural purposes or have a geothermal well, they were probably drilled with Mincon rock-drilling tools. The stone used to build the motorways we travel on in Ireland were probably drilled by Mincon
  • The next time they bring their family or kids to a fast food outlet tell them that the oil in the chip fryer and the chocolate desert was probably pumped by IDEX Pumps made in Shannon. Their pumps are also used for asphalt and bitumen, as well as chemicals, rubber, bio fuels, crude oils, and ceramic slip for making bathroom white ware. Their pumps lubricate locomotives and wind turbines, just to list a few applications.
  • The seals in the pumps are probably made by John Crane Ireland here in Shannon.

 The message is… Shannon is home to a range of blue-chip Irish and Foreign owned companies that are constantly re-inventing what they do and developing market leading positions in global markets.

And, the pages in Shannon’s ‘story book’ will continue to fill… as Shannon continues to play a part in our day-to-day lives

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