Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) – 5th Annual Knowledge Day


The 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC)  Knowledge Day will be held in the University of Limerick on Thursday, 29 August.

Topics covered on the day will include the latest research progress with regards to plant cleaning & changeover, process development, control, optimisation and data analytics.

  • Keynote addresses by industry thought leaders and academics
  • Lightning talk sessions detailing PMTC industry led research collaborations with partner companies
  • Lightning talk sessions from our SME partners
  • Vendor exhibition, Q&A and networking sessions.

Highly regarded thought leaders from the Universities of Birmingham & Strathclyde in the UK will share their insights on pharma manufacturing control and optimisation. Professor Paul Sharatt from Singapore will present on “Cleaning by Design”.

Darren Whitaker from Perceptive Engineering Limited will discuss opportunities of Machine Learning for Pharmaceutical Process Development with relevance to PMTC data analytics/utilisation research theme PMTC 2.0.

Keynote guest speaker on innovation, Daragh O’Shea from Mac Skystone will talk on the Customer Discovery process for Innovation – Hard Learned Lessons.


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