Adare Trusted People Partners Responds to Rising Workplace Conflict and Disputes

Adare Trusted People Partners (formerly Adare Human Resource Management) recently published our HR Barometer report which revealed that 74% of Organisations in Ireland reported experiencing workplace conflict in 2023, representing a notable 5% increase from the previous year. The rise in grievances and disciplinary issues may indicate ongoing challenges related to managing Employee expectations around hybrid and remote working in the post-pandemic era.

Digging into the figures, over half of the Organisations surveyed cited ineffective line management as a leading cause of disputes, suggesting issues with clarity of instructions, workplace support, or fair treatment. Additionally, just over half identified a lack of effective performance management as a significant cause, highlighting the importance of how performance is monitored, feedback is given, and objectives are evaluated. Poor communication was the third most cited cause of conflict, leading
to unclear expectations and misinterpretations among management and staff or coworkers.

To address these trends, Organisations must focus on enhanced conflict resolution mechanisms, cultivating a collegial workplace culture, and ongoing training programs around conduct, grievances, and harassment. As Irish workplaces experience an increase in conflict, there’s growing pressure on HR departments and people managers to resolve these scenarios. Failure to address conflicts can lead to negative outcomes such as low morale and high turnover.

To future-proof Organisations against increasing conflict, several approaches should be considered:
1. Communication: Encourage open communication and early intervention through regular meetings, one-on-one discussions, and anonymous feedback systems.
2. Workplace Culture: Cultivate a respectful and empathetic environment to mitigate negative outcomes associated with conflicts.
3. Support for Line Managers: Equip line managers with the skills to provide clear instructions, support, and address concerns promptly, reducing the likelihood of issues escalating.
4. Support for HR Departments: Ensure HR has the clarity and support needed for effective early resolution practices, including investment in training and a confidential outlet for HR Employees facing challenges.

Adare Trusted People Partners have, for over two decades, supported Organisations in the areas of conflict and dispute resolution. To mark this milestone and the launch of the Adare rebrand, Adare invites chamber members to join a special event titled “Beyond the Bargain: Reflections on Industrial Relations and Conflict Management” on May 8, 2024, at 10:30 AM. This exclusive event will explore the current Employment and Industrial Relations landscape with our industry experts Kieran Mulvey and Tommy Cummins, facilitated by our Managing Director Sarah Fagan.

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Beyond the Bargain: Reflections on Industrial Relations and Conflict Management – 8th May 2024 | Adare HRM

If you require advice, guidance, or training regarding conflicts and disputes in the workplace, please click HERE or contact any of the Adare Trusted People Partners team at (01) 561 3594 or email for more information on how we can help and support your Organisation under our Partnership Programme