VBOX provides manufacturing companies with a higher level of efficiency in their systems integration testing phase of projects. VBOX’s choice of products enable a Portable Secure Managed VPN in a case, which allows pre-Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) to occur at the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) phase – prior to customer delivery of machines. Using VBOX results in a substantial reduction in lead times and up to 65% on integration testing costs. The benefits of using VBOX include zero data collection, no network reconfiguration required, and secure in utilizing the latest cyphers and encryption algorithms.


VBOX contributes to Industry 4.0 & 5.0, digital transformation, sustainability, and circular economy corporate objectives.

We offer an innovative, secure, flexible network solution to the manufacturing industry, that is easy to use to perform PreSATs at the FAT stage from any geo-location prior to customer delivery.

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