Waistline Measuring Tapes the Giveaway at Shannon Chamber’s Health and Well-Being

Pictured at Shannon Chamber’s health and well-being seminar at Shannon Airport (from left): Karl Henry, presenter; Helen Downes, chief executive, Shannon Chamber; Brenda Hickey, GECAS; and Darren Smith, Shannon Airport Duty Free. Photo: Eamon Ward.


Health and wellness expert, author and TV personality Karl Henry had an audience of almost 150 people transfixed with his wide range of knowledge on health, nutrition and exercise at a Shannon Chamber event held in the Transit Lounge at Shannon Airport last Thursday.  The event, which was staged as part of Chamber Week, was sponsored by Shannon Airport Duty Free and GECAS, with attendees getting a special bonus of a twenty per cent discount to shop in the duty free to top up on non-healthier products!


Recommending that everyone should use a tape measure to keep their waistline in check, Karl Henry proceeded to give everyone a takeaway tape and urged them to get into the habit of using this inexpensive health checker at the same time and on the same day every week


“It’s a constant reference point on the state of your health; your waist does not go away,” he stressed.


With recommended heart rate and waist both very important heath checks, Mr Henry said that while muscle and weight may weigh the same, muscle is compact and healthy while fat takes up more room in the body and is unhealthy, hence the necessity to always keep it in check.


Urging attendees to refrain from eating white processed foods and replace with brown, to read the labels on all food items purchased, to cut down but not necessarily cut out alcohol intake, to get into a routine of doing cardiovascular and resistance exercises, he said that moderation, natural foods, and exercising to the ‘talk test’ point, where the heart rate is really going, was the key to a healthier lifestyle.


Speaking after the event, Shannon Chamber’s chief executive Helen Downs said it was one of the most successful social/business events held by the Chamber.


“Karl Henry was amazing, first class in so many different ways; his personality, energy, and engagement were just so positive. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our members, which is a sure indicator that when it comes to health, people are concerned. We’re delighted to have had this opportunity to stage an event of this nature, which would not have been possible without the support of Shannon Airport Duty Free and GECAS. Attendees just loved the shopping treat; it was the icing on the cake.”


Shannon Chamber’s health and well-being seminar was held as part of Chamber Week, a nationwide initiative of Chambers Ireland, which ran from 14 – 18 September.