Skills Needs of Region and Business for Discussion at Upcoming Skillnet Seminar


Pictured at the launch of ‘Up-Skilling the Mid-West’ (l-r):  Gerard Murray, network manager, Next Level Skillnet; Sue Davies, technical coordinator, Next Level Skillnet; Joe Leddin, manager, Mid-West Regional Skills Forum manager; Pauline O’Flanagan, network manager, Irish Medtech Skillnet and; Cillian Griffey, network manager, Shannon Chamber Skillnet. Photo: Eamon Ward.

Eight Skillnet training networks together with Mid-West Regional Skills will host a free information seminar on Thursday, 17 May to put the focus on the skills needs of businesses in the region, to discuss the value of continuous training to an organisation and to encourage more companies to avail of the subsidised training available through Skillnet Ireland.

The seminar, entitled ‘Up-Skilling the Mid-West’, will take place in Dromoland Castle Hotel from 8:00am until 11:00am. It will include presentations from Jaguar Land Rover, Lufthansa Technik Shannon and also involve a panel of speakers from Element Six, Zimmer Biomet, Northern Trust, all specialists in human resources, learning and development or continuous improvement, who will discuss their strategies for recruiting and retaining talent within their organisations.

The seminar will be of interest to employers, employees or anyone who is seeking career opportunities in the region. A key element of the day will be the opportunity to network with the key businesses, to learn first-hand how companies in the region value training and how they are using the many programmes provided through Skillnet to hone and improve the wide range of skills needed to grow their businesses.

The Skillnet networks hosting the event are: Shannon Chamber Skillnet; Aviation & Aerospace Skillnet; Aviation Finance Finuas Skillnet;  ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet; Irish Medtech Skillnet; Lean & Green Skillnet; Limerick Chamber Skillnet; and Next Level Skillnet, co-hosted with Mid-West Regional Skills.

Each Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills. Training networks work with their member businesses to design and deliver training that is cost efficient due to the funding available, relevant to their needs, provided at a time and a location that suits them, and of a high quality. 

Speaking ahead of the seminar, network manager for Shannon Chamber Skillnet, Cillian Griffey, said: “Sourcing and retaining the right talent is now a key priority for companies as Ireland heads towards full employment in 2019. As the labour market continues to tighten, companies are now seeking out new ways and opportunities to build their talent teams to enable them meet client needs through the provision of goods and or services.”         

Bookings for the event can be made by contacting Cillian Griffey on 061 360 611 or by email at  

About the Mid-West Skillnet Networks

  • Shannon Chamber Skillnet provides a variety of training to mixed sector SME and multinational companies in the Mid-West.
  • Aviation & Aerospace Skillnet provides a variety of courses giving improved access to specialised training for SME companies and organisations in the aviation and aerospace sectors both in the Mid-West and nationally.  
  • Aviation Finance Finuas Network provides solutions and training programmes that meet the specific needs of the international financial services and aircraft finance/leasing sectors for SME and multinational companies in the Mid-West and nationally.
  • ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet provides management development training for SME and multinational companies in the Mid-West and nationally.  
  • Irish MedTech Skillnet designs and develops programmes in areas of quality, regulatory affairs, technical manufacturing and product development for the medical technology sector for SME and multinational companies in the Mid-West and nationally.
  • Lean & Green Skillnet provides utilities and water management training to SME and multinational companies in the Mid-West and nationally. 
  • Limerick Chamber Skillnet provides a variety of training to mixed sector SME and multinational companies including engineering, IT, hospitality and hairdressing in the Mid-West.
  • Next Level Skillnet  is a multi-sector learning network for companies of all sizes in the Mid-West, West, North West and Southern regions.
  • Mid-West Regional Skills, which is part of the Government’s National Skills Strategy, provides an opportunity for employers and the education and training system to work together to meet the emerging skills needs of their regions.

 About Skillnet Ireland:

Skillnet Ireland is a national agency dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of workforce learning in Ireland. Skillnet Ireland currently supports over 15,000 companies nationwide and provides a wide range of valuable learning experiences to over 50,000 trainees. Its mission is to facilitate increased participation in enterprise training and workforce learning in Ireland.

Through its 65 plus Skillnet Learning Networks, Skillnet Ireland allocates funding to groups of companies in the same industry sector (or region) and with similar training needs, so they can deliver subsidised training for their teams. Skillnet Ireland also plays a key role in supporting and enabling Skillnet funded groups to reach their full potential

Skillnet Ireland receives funding from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills. Funding is awarded to enterprise groups through competitive ‘Calls for Proposals’ that are promoted by Skillnet Ireland throughout the year. There is a range of Skillnet Ireland funded programmes available to enterprise groups.

 For further information: