Shannon Chamber Skillnet Launches Graduate Assimilation Programme

Conscious that many companies recruit graduates with qualifications in singular disciplines to meet specific competency needs but that assimilation into a new company and environment may require a broader set of skills, Shannon Chamber Skillnet has launched a programme to fill that gap.

The Graduate Assimilation programme, which has already been availed of by Jaguar Land Rover, Shannon, as part of its 16-month graduate training programme, covers a broad set of soft skills such as presentation skills, influencing and negotiation, effective teamwork, problem solving and project risk management with each subject delivered as a one-day programme.

Commenting on the need for a programme of this nature, Shannon Chamber chief executive Helen Downes said: “Feedback from an annual survey we undertake to assess the training needs of our member companies has pointed to a need to give new hires training in a broader set of skills that they would have acquired when completing their primary or post-graduate qualifications. Companies now require their employees to have a more hybrid set of skills to interact with customers and suppliers and internally, intra departments.

Jaguar Land Rover is the first company to avail of this offer. Last year, 30 graduates at Jaguar Land Rover completed the programme and this year we will see another 25 graduates that are undertaking this training as part of the company’s graduate scheme.

Karen O’Halloran, Human Resources manager, explains: “Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with Shannon Chamber in order to deliver a bespoke graduate programme, as we feel it is important to provide our graduate employees with the necessary skills to succeed in a modern engineering work environment.  Our graduate training programme provides a platform for career development and reflects the necessary soft and technical skills required as a graduate in our R&D centre.”

One of JLR’s Company employees, Richard Taylor explains the benefits he derived from the programme: “As a software developer who participated in the training programme provided by Shannon Chamber Skillnet, the learning outcomes were highly beneficial. Throughout each module, I was able to identify and build upon my weaknesses and strengths and apply them on a daily basis in my role in the software R&D centre of excellence at Jaguar Land Rover Shannon.”

Jaguar Land Rover is one of the main sponsors at Career Zoo’s ‘2020 Tech Train’ event in Thomond Park, Limerick on February 1, 2020.

Having received enquiries from other companies seeking to avail of this type of graduate assimilation programme, Shannon Chamber is delighted to be able to assist companies strengthen their employees’ skill base.

“Companies now regard training as a powerful tool to retain and attract talent. Whatever we can do through our Skillnet network to respond to this need serves to strengthen Shannon’s position as a location of choice for employment. We look forward to assisting member companies, through the graduate assimilation programme, with their induction activities.”

Further details on the Shannon Chamber Skillnet graduate assimilation programme can be obtained from Shannon Chamber at 061 475854 or by emailing