Shannon Chamber members encouraged to apply for positions on State boards

Pictured at the State Boards event in Shannon Airport House (from left): Frank Hayes, Aisling Meehan, Helen Downes and Michelle Noone. Photo by Eamon Ward.


In a drive to increase access to, widen the pool of potential appointees, and enhance the calibre and quality of appointments to State Boards, the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services for the civil service, the Public Appointments Service, visited Shannon Chamber’s offices in Shannon to encourage members to put their names forward for positions advertised on

Making the presentation, the Public Appointments Services’ head of senior and executive recruitment, Michelle Noone, stated that with around 200 vacancies advertised every year, there are many opportunities for people to put their names forward.

“The most important consideration when assessing whether to apply for a position is to know the organisation you are applying to and, know your own strengths,” she said.

“Look at the requirement and know where you can add value. Be selective is what you apply for and focus in on organisations that interest you. Once you have decided to apply, tailor your CV to speak to the specific requirement of the advertised role and write a clear, concise letter that outlines your achievements. Don’t assume that those reading your application will know you by reputation as, with approximately fourteen applications per vacancy, you need to make your application stand out. Also, consider the time commitment before you apply,” she added.

Outlining why there is an increased focus on reaching out to organisations such as Shannon Chamber to encourage more people to consider directorships of State Boards, Ms Noone added: “We want to increase the voice of the citizen on State Boards, encourage diversity and broaden the skills mix and competencies on all Boards.”

Two people who are enjoying their roles on State Boards – Aisling Meehan from Aisling Meehan Agricultural Solicitors, who is on the board of the Western Development Commission (WDC), and Frank Hayes, formerly with the Department of Agriculture and more recently with the Kerry Group, who is a Board member of Coillte – concurred with the advice given to attendees that they should only apply to join the Boards of organisations that interest them.

“Coming from a farming background and with an entrepreneurial flair, I had taken an interest in the work of the WDC long before I applied for a Board position. The application process was so easy and now that I am on the Board, I fit the requirements of the role in with my own business’ calendar. It is a very workable time commitment,” she said.

Encouraging more people to apply for State Board directorship roles, Frank Hayes added: “While it is a formalised process, it is very worthwhile and when you get immersed in the role, you gain great personal satisfaction from knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to the organisation and to the State.”

Thanking all participants for taking the time to visit Shannon for such an important topic, Shannon Chamber chief executive Helen Downes encouraged attendees to register with to receive alerts on all upcoming vacancies on