Shannon Chamber inputs to formulation of 10-Year Road Haulage Strategy

As a Chamber of Commerce representing over 320 companies in Shannon and the wider Mid-West region, Shannon Chamber is cognisant of the vital role the road haulage sector plays in growing the region’s economy.

We welcome the fact that the Department of Transport is working towards developing a ten-year strategy for this sector, driven by the need to generate efficiencies and improve standards, as well as helping the sector to move to a low-carbon future.

Having recently established a Sustainability Task Force to encourage and enable our members to attain carbon neutral in line with the Government’s Climate Action Plan,  we felt it imperative to contribute to the new road haulage strategy, taking account of the fact that our membership in this sector have made us aware of a new sustainable option for road haulage.

The European Modular System, with gross weights of up to 60T and 25.25m in length, allows for a 54% increase in pallet capacity, through attaching a 7 metre trailer(s) to a standard 13.6 trailer and is regarded as the most sustainable new development in European road transport.

This system has been trialled throughout Europe and has been found to be most sustainable as it reduces the number of engines required to transport an increased number of trailers e.g., one truck with additional trailers attached.

Introducing such a system would contribute to increased fuel efficiency, address the issue of driver shortage in the sector and reduce congestion on the roads. It is a very environmentally friendly system with Co2 savings of 25%.

In its submission to the Department of Transport, Shannon Chamber has requested that this system be given consideration in the formulation of the new 10-year Road Haulage Strategy.