Shannon Chamber Expresses Disappointment and Concern at Resignation of Shannon Group Plc Chairman

Shannon Chamber has expressed its disappointment at the sudden resignation of the Chairman of Shannon Group Plc., Pádraig Ó Céidigh.

Commenting on his appointment a mere six months ago, the Chamber stated that Mr Ó Céidigh brought the ideal credentials to this post at a critically important time for Shannon Airport, particularly his background in aviation, his understanding of the importance of connectivity to the western seaboard and his skills and track record as an entrepreneurial businessman.

Reacting to the announcement, Shannon Chamber President Stephen Keogh, on behalf of the board, said: “Mr Ó Céidigh’s decision to step down just as the airport is beginning to win back connectivity traction post pandemic and as discussions re Shannon Heritage are ongoing is hugely concerning.

“Shannon Chamber board will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Minister for Transport to assess the role of the Chair of Shannon Group Plc, the rationale for such a decision, and to express the need for certainty and continuity at chairperson level in Shannon Group plc, whose constituent businesses are critical infrastructural assets in the Mid-West region.”