Open Day Invitation from Shannon ABC @ LIT

Shannon ABC is a commercially focussed, state of the art, research centre. It evolved from a merger between the Natural Products Research Centre (NPRC) based at the Institute of Technology, Tralee and the Nutraceuticals Research Centre (NRC) at the Limerick Institute of Technology. The merger between these two centres was facilitated through the development of the Applied Research Enhancement (ARE) Centre Program, established by Enterprise Ireland and supported by EU structural funds.

Shannon ABC has on-going and expanding programmes to explore natural products for novel bioactive substances of value to the Healthcare, Forensic, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, Agricultural, Environmental and Bio-Energy Industry. The Centre brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers with commercial specialists so as to provide a centre of excellence in applied research, capable of exploiting opportunities in science, engineering, and technology to the benefit of the Regional and National economy. This team is located at both the facilities in IT Tralee, on the South Campus, and in Limerick IT, in the Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre.

Shannon ABC focuses on developing, enhancing and commercialising biotechnology in the Shannon region, and beyond, by confidentially collaborating with industry to promote product diversification and enhancement, increasing market growth and aiding competitiveness. Shannon ABC offers expertise in bio-processing, extraction, purification and screening of products derived from a wide variety of natural products and waste streams, with a view to identifying bioactive substances of value to a wide spectrum of industries. Plant, animal, marine and microbial resources are ‘mined’ for functional food components, immunosuppressive, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and anti-microbial agents.

Shannon ABC extends an Open Invitation to Shannon Chamber members to visit the Centre on Thursday, December 1.