New national protocol essential framework to support economy to re-open but comes at a further cost for business…Shannon Chamber

While welcoming the launch and publication of the Government’s new national “Return to Work Safely” Protocol, and accepting that such measures are necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace when the economy begins to open slowly, Shannon Chamber is concerned that these may add a further cost to business.

“The process involved in re-opening the economy will not be a simple one. Ensuring the health and safety of workers, employers and consumers continues to be our shared goal. As businesses around the country plan for how they will adapt to operating during a pandemic, the Protocol will be an essential framework to enable that,” stated Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes

“However, this new announcement will add a further cost burden for business in that many companies may have to hire new staff to enable them abide by these measures. This could add additional pressure on business owners and they may need financial assistance to enable them introduce the stringent measures. Many businesses may even begin to question the viability of reopening”.

Chambers Ireland will be in discussion with the Department of the Taoiseach this week in relation to the concerns of business in relation to the announcement and also in relation to the roadmap for reopening business sectors.

Shannon Chamber welcomes feedback from members on any issues or concerns you may have related to these new measures. Please relay any views you may have to by COB Tuesday, 12 May and we will ensure your concerns/queries will be relayed to Government.