Increase to Minimum Wage Rate Needs Further Consideration

Shannon Chamber fully endorses Chambers Ireland’s view that the level of increase recommended in the Report of the Low Pay Commission is premature and unwarranted,

Following the publication of the report Chambers Ireland immediately advised the  Government to prioritise securing Ireland’s economic recovery and ensuring sustainable jobs growth when considering the Report of the Low Pay Commission.

Chambers Ireland’s Director of Policy and Communications  Mark O’Mahoney said, “We are in danger of undermining our economic recovery if we do not focus on maintaining our competitiveness. Ireland’s recent economic performance has been strong, but as the Report of the Low Pay Commission itself points out, this recovery has been patchy and Ireland still faces risks from the external environment.”

“The Report of the Low Pay Commission recommends a significant increase of almost 6% to the National Minimum Wage. An increase of this level is both premature and unwarranted. We urge Government to consider the full impact such an increase will have on future employment growth and our national competitiveness”, he concluded.

Shannon Chamber intends to poll its members on the effect such an increase might have on its overall effectiveness.