Illaumanagh Park Run Shannon – the ideal start to a Saturday morning

How do you spend your Saturday mornings? We have a suggestion for you!

Why not try out the very successful Illaumanagh Park Run which will give you a new appreciation of the splendour of the Shannon estuary,  in Shannon.

You will be as captivated by this new experience as London-based but Limerick born Andrew Moore and his partner Amber were when they dropped by recently 

Both are avid park runners with over 300 park runs between them.  Andrew described Illaumanagh parkrun as being “the most incredibly well thought-out route designed with the runner/walker in mind bringing them along the estuary boasting incredible scenery, each and every part had something new for the participants to enjoy”. 

His partner Amber wrote this report on behalf of VHI Parkrun

The Illaunmanagh parkrun has become increasingly popular throughout the parkrun community, not least because of the alphabet challenge of which Illaumanagh is one of two on the Island of Ireland . Add to this, its proximity to Shannon Airport which has already welcomed many parkrun tourists. 

If you can walk hop skip and jump you are welcome. Bring the kids, the buggy and the dog. All are welcome. 

We recommend sharing the promotional poster with family, friends and work colleagues.