Have you thought about your future training needs?

We need to hear from you about plans for 2023-2025

Shannon Chamber Skillnet has embarked on preparing a submission for funding for 2023-2025 through Skillnet Ireland’s Training Networks Programme (TNP).

Regional FDI and SME enterprises are urged to let the Chamber Skillnet know about their specific training needs and priorities so that it can best submit an application for funding.

Priorities under the Skillnet Ireland 2023-2025 TNP include Digital Acceleration; Climate Action and Sustainable Business; SME Leadership; Support for FDI and Workforce Innovation

The importance of industry-specific and region-specific training priorities is also stressed.

Let us know!

Skillnet needs to be aware of your considered longer-term needs so that it can actively plan to secure the optimum level of funding support.

Each FDI and SME holds the key to success in this respect. We want to hear from you about your upskilling requirements and aspirations, your training plans and how we can help tailor our programmes and subsidised courses to meet those requirements.

One important feature to note is that the funding limit for in-company training programmes is increased from 20% of a network’s training budget (pre-Covid) to 35% to facilitate more bespoke FDI/SME interventions.

Please call Helen Downes on 061 475 854 or email your thoughts to admin@shannonchamber.ie and the Skillnet office will follow up to discuss and tease out specific details with you. The deadline for receipt of inputs from companies is September 9.