European Commission Seeks Testimonials from Companies Benefiting from EU Trade Agreements

The European Commission is compiling a series of testimonials from exporting companies throughout the EU who effectively benefit from trade agreements or who would benefit from future trade agreements.

The purpose of doing so it to profile the benefits of trade agreements and the EU’s trade agenda to business across the EU.

The testimonials completed to date can be read at

However, the absence of any Irish exporters’ stories is very evident.

Shannon Chamber, on behalf of Chambers Ireland, is now encouraging its members to participate in this project.

We want to hear from any Irish business who has

• exported and benefited from an existing trade agreement. For example, CETA (EU-Canada), Turkey, South Korea etc

• plans to export and benefit from a future trade agreement that is currently being negotiated by the EU- Japan, Mercosur (South America), Vietnam etc

To make the process easier, Chambers Ireland has put together a short questionnaire (link provided here:  Trade testimonial questionnaire) that we’d like exporting companies who’ve benefited (or plan to benefit) from the trade deal the EU has negotiate, to complete.

Please return our completed questionnaire to before the 28 Feb 2018.

Shannon Chamber looks forward to seeing some member companies feature among future testimonials.