Dual Celebration of Life and Legacy of Dr Brendan O’Regan

Ireland owes a lot to the late Dr Brendan O’Regan and the ground-breaking initiatives he introduced in the 1960s, many of which are still flourishing today or have inspired enhancements in economic development in line with the requirements of the 21st century.

A pioneer of regional development and a visionary who was ahead of his time, his legacy can never be forgotten and it is wonderful to see that tonight’s (Wednesday, 27 September) edition of RTE Nationwide, which screens at 7pm, will recognise the remarkable contribution one man has made to the formation of the Ireland of today.

Among those who will be interviewed on tonight’s programme are Rose Hynes, the Shannon Group, Andrew Murphy from Shannon Airport, Ray O’Driscoll from Shannon Commercial Properties, John Ruddle and Pauline Lenihan from Shannon Heritage and, retired Shannon Heritage CEO, Cian O’Carroll.

It is fitting indeed that Cian O’Carroll is involved in this tribute programme as he is a man who worked very closely with the late Dr O’Regan and is himself dedicated to preserving his memory.

Along with Brian O’Connell, former Chairman of Shannon Heritage and retired Director of Shannon Development, he is in the final stages of compiling a new book on Dr O’Regan’s life, a project that has involved an unstinting commitment to recording history and hundreds of hours delving into archives, including a previous compiled oral archive project, which he was involved with in 2004.

 This new book, entitled ‘Brendan O’Regan – A Man Who Changed Ireland’ (author Brian O’Connell and collaborator Cian’Carroll) is scheduled for publication in early 2018 and is being made possible through both corporate and individual’s financial support.  

 An expansive and expensive undertaking, should you wish to become a book patron and be associated with this project, Cian O’Carroll can be contacted at 061 326022 / email: cianandann@gmail.com