Broadband Provider Offers Shannon Chamber Member Companies a FREE Connectivity Review & FREE Solutions to Facilitate Remote Working

Following discussion with Shannon Chamber, Shannon-based BBnet, a connectivity provider of fibre and wireless broadband services, has offered to assist Shannon Chamber member companies in facilitating a change in the way their employees may be required to work in these challenging times.

As Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes explains: “With businesses having to let more employees work from home, BBnet  have offered to utilise their expertise in connectivity and remote working by offering Chamber member companies a solution to their connectivity issues. Chamber members can send BBnet a list of Eircodes of their employees who need to work remotely. BBnet will then check these Eircodes across its national databases for the best connectivity options across multiple platforms, fibre or wireless.”

“BBnet have also secured free, no obligation, access to remote cloud-based video conference meeting solutions for Shannon Chamber members through its partnership with GoTo by LogMeIn for up to two weeks, with a further two-week extension available. Shannon Chamber members who then sign up with the service can avail of up to 3 months free use of the online service.”

“They can also offer cloud-based hosted PBX systems and unified communications, bringing the office together no matter where employees are based. Considering the fast pace that everything is moving currently, BBnet can even rapidly deploy such technology using an App on employees’ phones so they don’t even need to wait for hardware to arrive and be installed.”

“BBnet, in conjunction with its partners such as GoTo and LogMeIn, can also offer many other remote working alternatives for areas with challenging broadband connectivity. Companies can find information on these options by logging on to They will also find a complete guide and toolkit on remote working at the following website

“These are very challenging times and I would advise companies that are still trying to figure out how to keep connected with their employees and remain working to consider this as a possible option. We are very grateful to BBNet for making this offer available to our member companies. The onus is on all of us, individually and collectively, to keep business disruption to a minimum,” stated Ms Downes.