Advanced Technical Concepts (ATC) now supplying physical distancing screens and ergonomic workstations

Physical Distancing and Visual Management in a Manufacturing Environment

Physical Distancing Solutions

Shannon Chamber member company Advanced Technical Concepts (ATC) is now supplying customers with screens for physical distancing purposes as well as  ergonomic workstations. Complete assembly cells and workstation partitions available from ATC help to eliminate cross-contamination thus ensuring health and safety standards are met whilst at the same time maintaining productivity.

As CEO Marie Clifford explains: “Divider screens can be designed and manufactured using our Flowtube system. These screens can be made mobile or static and to suit specific customer requirements. Made from Light Weight Aluminium there are easy to move/handle and have PETG clear panels. When social distancing is no longer required, this solution can be taken apart and re-used for other solutions.”

Visual Management Solutions

In conjunction with this, ATC can also provide a range of floor markings and signage that can help assist companies during Covid-19.  The signage makes it easy to identify that the appropriate social distancing is being maintained.  These solutions are made from resilient material that will withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and spills such as water and chemicals. The signage is easy to clean and in addition to the vibrancy of the signage it does not fade with exposure to UV light – another added benefit.

Congratulating ATC on yet another initiative to combat the spread of the COVID- 19 virus, Shannon Chmber CEO Helen Downes said: “While we may be going through unprecedented times we are also witnessing the ability of our companies, many of whom as in this instance, are SMEs, earnestly looking at how they can make a meaningful contribution to keeping the wheels of business moving. That is most commendable. What is also good is that many of the new products and processes being introduced will have a life after COVID-19 and lead to the roll-out of additional innovations in the future.”

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