Voice is a Muscle that has to be Exercised – Leading Voice Coach Tells Shannon Chamber

Internationally renowned voice coach, Poll Moussoulides, entertained an audience of Shannon Chamber members when addressing an event in the Inn at Dromoland last week

Describing the human voice as a muscle that needs to be exercised to attain the perfect pace, pitch and volume when speaking, he warned attendees to be aware of their verbal viruses, such as repeated familiar words, which take from rather than add to the spoken word.

“When speaking on behalf of your company you need to raise the value of the communication, not allow unnecessary words get in the way. There has to be congruence between the brain, body and voice. Start with what you want the customer to hear and ask before you speak, what do you want them to hear and how do you want them to feel.”

Showing attendees how to relax when addressing an audience he said the critical first step when speaking is to decide who is the star of the show – voice or PowerPoint.

“People still like to connect with people, and look to the eyes to find meaning,” he said.

During a fact packed, entertaining two hours, Mr Moussoulides, on his first visit to Shannon cautioned attendees to be conscious of their voice when making conference calls.

“Clarity and tonality are so important when discussing or negotiating via the phone, particularly with international clients.

“However, do not try to lose your Irish accent; it’s the most beautiful accent in the world. If you speak too fast, just slow down, and vary pitch and pace. Express emotions via vowels but not overly so,” he added.

The final event in Shannon Chamber’s calendar events for the year, members left the event energised and keen to make improvements in their verbal communications.

“It was a high energy event, an introduction to the power of the voice in business,” said Shannon Chamber’s chief executive Helen Downes.

“ Poll Moussoulides was an amazing presenter, so knowledgeable about his topic. We will most certainly be inviting him back to Shannon to give a more in-depth presentation on this topic.”