Upcoming Shannon Chamber Webinar to focus on Ireland’s Logistics sector – the Opportunities and Skills needs

Against a background that 3,000 new entrants will be required annually to fill essential roles in the freight transport, distribution, and logistics sectors up to 2025, Shannon Chamber has teamed with the Department of Transport and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment to host a webinar that will focus on these skills needs, the challenges they present, and the opportunities that exist in the sector.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 27 April from 12noon – 1pm, is free of charge, and is open to anyone involved in the freight forwarding, distribution and logistics sectors, industry generally, education and training as well as Government agencies working to develop the region’s industry base and its associated employment.

As Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes explains: “This is an industry that is ramping up to hire into the future so it is essential that we all understand the challenges that may need to be overcome to address the skills gaps that have been identified in the sector.

“We have assembled a panel of speakers, all members of the Expert Skills Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) that advises the Government on current and future skills needs of the economy and on other labour market issues that impact on Ireland’s enterprise and employment growth.

“A report published by the EGFSN in 2019 – Addressing the Skills Needs Arising from the Potential Trade Implications of Brexit – highlighted the critical skills gaps in the freight forwarding, distribution and logistics sectors and what needs to be done to raise the profile of the sector, enhance its attractiveness to potential new entrants and upskill current employees in the sector.

“The EGFSN recommended the establishment of a Logistics and Supply Chain Skills Group (LSCSG) to manage a coordinated response from the logistics/supply chain sectors to promote the sectors and their skills needs, including skills required to diversify trade with overseas markets.

“This group, which includes key stakeholder representatives from government, education, and industry, is currently chaired by the Department of Transport. The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment also plays a key role in the work of the Group.

“The EGFSN is keen to improve the linkages between employers and education and training providers to enhance alignment with industry need and increase the skills base within the industry. Shannon Chamber  is delighted to host this webinar as part of the collaborative process and looks forward to a very interactive webinar with a two-way flow of information between the panel and attendees.

“We would encourage anyone involved at any level in the transport, logistics and supply chain sectors to join us. Bookings can be made by logging onto Shannon Chamber’s website and clicking through to the following link www.shannonchamber.ie/events/the-logistics-and-supply-chain-sector-opportunities-skills-gaps/