University of Limerick Seeks Companies for its Cooperative Education Programme

The University of Limerick’s Cooperative Education programme (or undergraduate placement) is a core element of all undergraduate degrees. As part of the programme, all students, regardless of discipline, undertake relevant work experience normally of eight months duration.

About 1,600 students are placed on CoOp every year, with about 30% placed internationally. This makes it one of the largest placement programmes in Europe. Some 1,600 employers participate in the programme annually and about 75% of these employers also employ UL graduates.

The Benefits of CoOp

Taking on a student means provides companies with an opportunity to undertake projects or other work by hiring additional temporary resources without adding a permanent payroll cost. Students are enthusiastic, energetic, offer specialist skills from their academic programmes, and are eager to work on complex or routine tasks.

The CoOp programme can be a cost effective and flexible solution to a company’s recruitment needs. CoOp also gives companies the chance to vet potential graduates first-hand over an extended period in a real work environment.

2018/19 CoOP Placements

The University of Limerick is currently planning next year’s placement programme and looks forward to hearing from companies who would be interested in partaking in the programme.

  • If your company is interested, please review the listing of undergraduate programmes and placements dates at:

  • Indicate the number and profile of student(s) what you wish to recruit by completing and submitting the online ‘Employers Request Form’. This is available at:


  • Submit your request and ensure that you receive a receipt by return email.  The receipt confirms that your request for CVs has been successfully submitted.


CVs are retained by the Cooperative Education Division on behalf of each placement candidate.  From September 2018 onward, an assigned Placement Officer will forward by email a selection of CVs in response to your ‘Employer Request Form’.  From here, the interview and acceptance process is managed by the Placement Officer who will liaise closely with your recruitment team.

 Some 2000 students will participate on the programme in the coming academic year. On successful completion, each student is awarded academic credit toward their final degree. Therefore, the programme follows a structured process that is centrally managed by the Cooperative Education & Careers Division.   


Full details of the placement programme are available at