Uisce √Čireann encourages businesses across County Clare to attend Water Wisdom information session

Friday, 25 August, 2023: Businesses across County Clare are encouraged to sign up to an enlightening talk on how they can safeguard water resources and the many sustainable opportunities available to them.

Water Wisdom: Empowering Businesses to Become Stewards for our Future is a one-hour online water stewardship talk hosted by Uisce √Čireann which takes place on September 19.

This free event is being held as part of Shannon Chamber‚Äôs inaugural Sustainability Week, which Uisce √Čireann is delighted to be supporting. 

By attending this talk, attendees will gain practical tips and a deeper understanding of how to become a water steward in their own community. 

Christine Crawford, leading the Uisce √Čireann Water Stewardship Programme, will guide attendees through the importance of collective efforts in safeguarding water resources. She will highlight the positive impact we can all have through an introduction to the Uisce √Čireann Water Stewardship Programme.

Christine will be joined by Steve Browne, Lead Tutor with the award-winning Uisce √Čireann Lean & Green Skillnet Certified Water Steward Programme in Ireland. Steve has supported hundreds of Irish firms who have completed the programme to date and has vast experience in helping large and small firms navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and water.

Speaking ahead of the Sustainability Week event Christine Crawford said ‚ÄúSafeguarding our precious water resources is a top priority for Uisce √Čireann. For that reason, we are delighted to partner with Shannon Chamber‚Äôs Sustainability Week. Conserving water not only helps protect your local supply ‚Äď it can also protect the environment, boost your reputation, and reduce your bills. Don‚Äôt miss this fantastic opportunity to make a positive difference in your business and community. Together, we can make a significant difference in conserving water and ensuring its availability for future generations.‚ÄĚ

Helen Downes, CEO Shannon Chamber added: ‚ÄúThe objective of the overall Sustainability Week is to give companies and their employees a greater appreciation for and understanding of sustainability. As water is one of the Sustainable Development Goals, we are delighted to have Uisce √Čireann on board to illustrate how businesses can make a significant difference in creating a sustainable water future. Enabling companies to monitor and reduce their water consumption is a very positive move both towards helping the environment and lowering costs.‚ÄĚ

The Uisce √Čireann Water Wisdom: Empowering Businesses to Become Stewards for our Future takes place on day two of Sustainability Week which focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 6, a global goal set by the United Nations to ensure clean water and sanitation for all. It covers various aspects of water and sanitation, such as availability, quality, management, wastewater, ecosystems, and governance. 

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from industry leaders and become part of a movement that aims to create a sustainable water future. Sign up now for our one-hour online talk with Christine Crawford and Steve Browne on September 19 and be inspired to become a water steward in your own right.

Book your place via  https://www.shannonchamber.ie/events/water-wisdom-empowering-businesses-in-mid-west-region-to-become-stewards-for-our-future/.

For more information on water stewardship, please visit www.water.ie/stewardship