TRANSLIT acquires Instant Translation

First ever language service provider acquisition in Ireland

From humble beginnings in 2009 as a fundamental language service provider run by its founders Alex Chernenko and his wife Tatsiana Skrabatun, TRANSLIT has been perpetually growing. Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited while studying in the University of Limerick from 2004 to 2008, and was only nurtured further while working for local newspaper Limerick Leader after graduating. This ignited spirit started the fire that is now known as TRANSLIT. TRANSLIT provides gold standard certified translations, interpretations, voiceovers and localisation services so good that it has been a finalist in the Best Emerging/Start-up Business category at the Limerick Chamber Regional Business Awards in 2014, as well as a finalist for IBYE’s Best Established Business in 2015, a finalist in the Dot IE Net Visionary Awards in 2016, and a nominee in the Limerick Chamber Regional Business Awards in 2015. The company has a database of more than 700 translators and interpreters covering more than 70 languages. From opening an office in Limerick, to an additional one in Cork, not to mention expanding their services to include interpreting and localisation, the immense growth of this language service provider cannot be denied. Further proof of this is their most recent expansion: the acquisition of fellow Irish translation firm Instant Translation, and their office located in Dun Laoghaire. This is the first ever acquisition of a language service provider in Ireland’s history.

Alex, the founder of TRANSLIT, had been working for 6 years as a freelance translator and localisation engineer before founding the company, and so has a great insight into the innerworkings of the language industry.

“I am really happy about the acquisition of Instant Translation. This will allow us to serve our Dublin-based customers with greater efficiency and expand the business further from our new office in Dun Laoghaire. This is a new chapter for TRANSLIT. Even though we have acquired the business, we do not have immediate plans to rebrand. The goal is to provide the same, or even better experience, to existing customers. We respect the progress they have made before the acquisition, and we will work together to maintain our pristine standard of translations, interpretations, and localisations.

This isn’t the only news in the translation world in Ireland. DCU Language Service in Dublin has announced that they are ceasing their interpreting services.

TRANSLIT, who provide certified translations for both private customers and businesses, will use this opportunity to take on new interpreting business by utilising its new Dun Laoghaire office, and welcomes former clients of DCU Language Services to contact the offices for quotations.


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