Training a Unique Selling Proposition to Attract Staff

With 73% of Irish organisations quoting a shortage of suitable candidates when hiring, and a quarter not believing that they have the talent to achieve their current business objectives, Shannon Chamber Skillnet is inviting chamber members and businesses throughout the region to a training-focused seminar on Wednesday, 29 June at the Irish Aviation Authority’s Shannon centre.

The seminar, which will involve speakers from Pepper Asset Servicing and Reagecon, will also include a panel discussion involving Atlantic Aviation Group, Gentian Services Limited, and the Irish Aviation Authority/Entry Point North Ireland, will commence with registration at 7.30am and conclude at 9.30am.  

Attendees will hear why they should invest in training, what training to invest in, and how to invest in training so that it sticks.

Among the key issues that Justine Leigh, Head of Learning and Development with Pepper Asset Servicing will address is the fact that 60% of millennials, people born between 1983 and 1995 and younger, leave their company in less than three years, and 80% of companies report that it costs between €14,000 and €23,000 to replace each millennial employee they lose. These young people are hungry for training, career advancement and opportunities for growth.

Speaking ahead of the event, Shannon Chamber Skillnet network manager Cillian Griffey said:  “Given the ever-changing skills and talent demands of the labour market, we were particularly interested in hosting a seminar with a focus on training.

“Through our industry-led steering group, we have the capacity to identify and define future skill needs and to create a compelling training proposition to meet these needs. We are very involved in providing training to member companies and, having already delivered 38 training programmes to over 300 executives from 100 companies since September 2015, we believe this seminar will showcase how training can give a company a competitive edge.”

Shannon Chamber Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

The event is sponsored by Career Decisions, Irish Business Training (IBT) and Atlantic Aviation Group.

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