Tourism Ireland launches €3.5M promotional campaign

Tourism Ireland builds anticipation for future trips to the island of Ireland and gets ready to roll out the green carpet to overseas visitors

Tourism Ireland has launched a new €3.5/£3 million promotional campaign, to build anticipation for holidays here this summer.

Tourism Ireland has been actively planning for the restart of travel from overseas and we’re now ready to roll out a significant promotional kick-start campaign to entice and welcome back overseas visitors.

Phase one involves a major digital video campaign, which is going live this week. Called ‘Let’s get back to Ireland’, the online video will build anticipation for holidays on the island of Ireland this summer. It will be promoted via online video platforms (including YouTube), on social media, mobile devices, as well as on Connected TV (television that can stream digital content), in nine different markets: Great Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and Switzerland. To view the film, click here.

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