The Impact of Brexit a Key Chamber Focus

The most immediate impact of Brexit on Ireland was the sudden devaluation of Sterling and continuing turmoil in the share market. All of this has and will continue to affect member companies who are exporting to the UK.

The UK  is Ireland’s largest single trading partner and ranks second to the USA in terms of global export markets. While the immediate and long-term effects of Brexit, for Ireland and Europe in general, are still unclear, a key priority for Shannon Chamber in the months ahead will be to work with Government and other stakeholders to ensure that the UK’s exit from the EU will cause minimal disruption to members’ trade activities.

We will also be assessing opportunities that can/will arise as a result of Brexit, particularly with regard to the Shannon region.

We encourage all members to assess how Brexit will affect them and to have a clear strategy to offset any associated risks.

Chambers Ireland has prepared an ‘Update Document’ on Brexit (see link below) which we wish to share with members.

Brexit Referendum- The Result

Should your company have particular areas of concern in this regard, please contact us and we will share your feedback/suggestions with the Government negotiators.