There are lots of things we don’t accept in business anymore. So why accept late payments?

We all know how important prompt payment is to businesses in Ireland, especially small businesses. Businesses providing goods and services need cash flow certainty and are entitled to expect that their payments will be made on time. This certainty of payment inspires confidence and helps businesses build stronger relationships with their customers, confident that they will be paid on time.

So what can you do to provide your customers with this cash flow certainty?  One of the things you can do is to sign to the Prompt Payment Code, a prompt payment initiative that was developed by business for business. By signing up to the Code effectively what you are saying to your customers, and indeed to any potential customers, is, that “I pay on time”.  I pay on time within the terms of my contract or, where no contract exists, I pay within legislation.

By doing this and becoming a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code you are not only pledging to pay on time but you are also doing your part in helping create a culture of prompt payment in Ireland.
Become a PROMPT PAYER today