Shoebox Appeal 2018

First Names Group Ireland for the third year running are getting involved with the Teamhope shoebox appeal and have become a designated drop of point for people to drop off their filled boxes within the community. It is such a wonderful charity where people throughout Ireland donate a “shoe box” of gifts to children in some of the most remotest and poorest parts of the world.  These “shoeboxes” bring such joy and excitement to children who literally have nothing.

We are hoping all of you would like to help and make a box, if you would like to make more than one please do so the more the better.


The date for last collection of boxes is on Friday 09 November – but as boxes begin to come in we can arrange collection from our office (at Rineanna House) at any stage before that date

For more information see the file below:

First Names_Shoebox Appeal Poster 2018