Shannon Group CEO welcomes resumption of Aer Lingus services from Shannon Airport

Thursday 28th October 2021: Shannon Group CEO Mary Considine has warmly welcomed today’s announcement by Aer Lingus to resume transatlantic services from Shannon Airport to New York and Boston next year and the continuation of its Heathrow service from Shannon.

“Today is a great day for the West of Ireland economy. It is great to get these strategic routes back which support thousands of jobs across the tourism and industry sectors. Shannon to JFK and Boston are key services so to see Aer Lingus recommence these routes next year is hugely positive. These are essential routes not just from an inbound and outbound tourism viewpoint, but they are critical also from a business travel perspective. Over 40% of US FDI companies are located within Shannon Airport’s catchment and these services very much underpin that investment,” she said.

Ms Considine also welcomed the airline’s continuation of the vital Heathrow service.  “We are delighted to have the Heathrow service back here already and its continuation is very important to Shannon Airport and the wider region. This is an essential strategic route that provides vital hub connectivity for our entire region.”

She added: “It’s still early days  in our recovery but we are very encouraged by the response of our airline partners, including Aer Lingus today. This is a very significant statement regarding the importance of the Shannon market on key international routes and a most welcome and timely commitment as we continue our COVID recovery.  We have no doubt that these flights will be hugely supported from across the region and we look forward to working closely with Aer Lingus to ensure the success of their services.”

Ms Considine said that as challenging as the pandemic was for the airport and its staff, the time was spent wisely with the introduction of improvements across the Shannon campus that will ensure an enhanced customer experience in recovery. 

“Our new airport security screening system, for example, will ensure a quick, smoother and easier experience for our passengers, halving the time they spend in this area. This, along with our combined USA TSA and Europe security screening, gives Shannon a unique edge over other airports internationally and lives up to our brand promise to make our airport experience even easier,” says Ms. Considine.