Shannon Company CelgenTek Seeks Your Support to Become Sponsor for the Day for Munster Rugby

CelgenTek, established in 2014, is a medical device company based in Shannon, Co Clare dedicated to helping patients with osteoporotic or complex bone fractures. The company launched the first ever ‘pre-mixed’ bone cement for the augmentation of medical implants, reducing operating time, healthcare costs and the amount of surgeries needed by up to 20%. 

Helping people return to their everyday life is CelgenTek’s number one focus. The company is an innovator in the global medical arena. Through hard work, being best in class, they have launched a new chapter in the treatment of broken bones.

As CEO Paul Burke says: “In an environment of multinational dominance CelgenTek has ‘traded blow for blow’; our bravery, commitment and faith has helped us break the gain line. Our brand is rooted in our pride to wear the shirt for patients who need faster rehabilitation.”

Excellence drives Munster, Excellence drives CelgenTek!  They’re fighting for those who require medical implants to ‘Stand Up quicker’!


That’s why CelgenTek would love you to support them in their quest to become Sponsor for a Day of Munster Rugby.

Show your support for this Shannon-based company by giving them YOUR VOTE and asking your colleagues to VOTE for CelgenTek too!


Please vote here for CelgenTek :