Shannon Companies Sharing Data on their Preparedness for COVID-19

Shannon Chamber in conjunction with its human resources advisory partner, Adare Human Resource Management, stated today that it is continuously liaising with members of the Chamber’s HR Forum to assess how companies are preparing for any repercussions arising from COVID-19.

Chamber CEO Helen Downes explains: “The HR Forum is a very active forum within the Chamber whereby senior HR professionals meet regularly to share best practice and thinking in HR and employment law and discuss issues that they may face as a collective.

“In this instance, the Forum chair, Derek McKay of Adare Human Resource Management, has requested Forum members to share information on the steps their companies are taking in relation to COVID-19. This sharing of information will continue on an ongoing basis so that companies are aware of issues their neighbouring businesses are facing and what measures they are taking to prevent the virus getting into their companies or to help mitigate any negative impact that might arise should the company be impacted by the virus.

“So far, we are seeing multiple approaches being adopted by companies to protect their staff and the businesses; it is very much linked to the type of company, whether it is a service or manufacturing company. Initiatives range from setting up business continuity teams with active monitoring and daily meetings, issuing of self-disclosure forms, restricting access to buildings to essential business only, implementing on-site decontamination areas, cancellation of travel or limiting non-essential business travel, initiating rigorous cleaning practices, preparing for home working where feasible and continuous monitoring of Government and HSE recommendations with regard to COVID-19.

“It is clear that protecting the health and safety of their employees is a paramount consideration for our member companies as they continue to run their businesses. As a Chamber, we have already cancelled many of our planned events to avoid any potential transmission of the virus and we will continue to monitor the situation and make any further adjustments as are deemed necessary.

“We will also issue updates supplied to us by our HR Forum chair, Derek McKay of Adare Human Resource Management, which will be uploaded on the news section of our website,” added Ms Downes.