Shannon Chamber Webinar to help people cope with the stresses of COVID-19

Working remotely since March, Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes and the Chamber team understand the changes so many people have had to make to their lives since the onset of COVID-19, not just from a work perspective but in all aspect of their lives.

That’s why the Chamber, via its Skillnet network, has engaged the highly renowned commentator on anxiety, stress and emotional resilience, Dr Harry Barry, to give a presentation on the topic of self-care and emotional resilience via webinar on Friday, 21 August from 10-11am. Given the relevance of this subject to so many people, the webinar is free of charge to attend.

As Helen Downes explains: “Since the onset of COVID-19, our lives have changed dramatically. Our thinking is now dominated by fear of the ever-present but unseen COVID-19 virus, which not only forced us into lockdown and, for many of us it has changed our homes from a living space to a work/life environment, which has led to the coining a phrase ‘living with work’. Many have yet to return to work.

“The pandemic has also denied us access to our loved ones, forced us to change our holiday and travel patterns and a lot more besides. The by-product of so much enforced change can often be a feeling of helplessness and a wonderment of what lies ahead and this can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression.

“To help people understand these symptoms and to enable them manage their lifestyles better in the current environment we felt it necessary to host a webinar on the topic. We are delighted to have engaged Dr Harry Barry for what promises to be a very enlightening webinar in which we will all be given a set of techniques to improve our emotional resilience during this extremely stressful period. This webinar will most certainly have a lot of takeaways to help us cope in these very uncertain times,” added Ms Downes.

The ‘Self-Care and Emotional resilience’ webinar with Dr Harry Barry, presented by Shannon Chamber Skillnet, is free of charge to attend. To book a place, simply log onto


About Dr Harry Barry

Dr Harry is a Drogheda based practitioner who has almost 40 years’ experience as a medical doctor with most of that spent as a full time GP. He has a long-standing interest in mental health and in improving our understanding of the role of neuroscience in both the cause and indeed the treatment of the main mental health illnesses such as major depression, anxiety disorders, addiction and indeed suicide itself. He has developed a holistic approach with an emphasis on the combination of combining Neuroscience concepts, lifestyle changes and where necessary drug therapy, with the application of simple CBT approaches to effectively manage these approaches. He retired from full time general practice in 2013 to focus on mental health. He now works on a consultancy basis combining clinical practice, writing, media and public information lectures as well as assisting fellow GPs, nurses and therapists and is also a member of an international group working on the importance of cognition in depression.

His last book Self-Acceptance was an international number one bestseller. In it, he explores why the terms self-acceptance, self-respect and self-actualization are more helpful in developing positive mental health.