Shannon Chamber to Host inaugural Sustainability Week for the Mid-West region

Shannon Chamber, a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champion, today (Monday, 21 August 2023) announced that, in delivering on its mission of ensuring that the pioneering and innovative spirit of Shannon and the region will continue to thrive, it will host the first Sustainability Week for the region in September.

The ‘Week’, which will take place from 18 – 22 September, is being delivered via its member-led Mid-West Sustainability Network. It is sponsored by ESB and supported by members companies including Analog Devices, Eli Lilly, Ei Electronics, Climeaction, Element Six, Shannon Chamber Skillnet, GreenTech Skillnet, Heraeus Metal Processing Limited, Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Clare and Enva.

It will comprise a mix of daily in-person and online events, with the first four days, Monday to Thursday, dedicated to a specific SDG theme – Waste, Water, Energy, Biodiversity – with a one-day conference (The S4 Conference) bringing the ‘Week’ to a close on Friday, 22 September.

Launching Sustainability Week and the S4 Conference, Shannon Chamber chief executive, Helen Downes said: “This is a very innovative deliverable for us as a Chamber. The concept of hosting a week of this nature emanated from the establishment of the Mid-West Sustainability Network which was set up to support members in their sustainability journeys and in the attainment of their net zero goals. The buy-in to the concept from members has been tremendous so much so that we now have four working groups, each focused on one of the four SDG areas that will be covered during the week – Waste, Water, Energy and Biodiversity.

“In tandem with the programmed events being held during the week, Chamber member companies throughout the region are also being encouraged to host in-company events to foster buy-in to sustainability across their entire organisations. These events could include talks on energy efficiency, EV cars, cycling or smarter travel to work options; the events can be decided by the companies themselves. The objective of the overall Sustainability Week is to give companies and their employees a greater appreciation for and understanding of sustainability.

“The final day Conference will feature presentations by senior management from Analog Devices, Fine Grain Property, and Ei Electronics and a panel discussion involving ESB, Tipperary Energy Agency, Shannon Estuary Economic Taskforce, and Skillnet Ireland. They keynote address will be given by Julie Sinnamon, Council Member, The Climate Change Advisory Council.

“A key element of this conference is to showcase the types of projects companies are undertaking to reduce their carbon footprint. A ‘Street Event’ included in the day will include displays from several companies focusing in on specific projects, their objectives, methodologies, and outcomes. We would encourage companies to engage with us if they wish to be part of this street event. An ‘Exhibitor Section’ will enable attendees to meet first-hand companies and organisations whose services can be deployed to commence or enhance sustainability undertakings or to assess the types of skills needed to embed a sustainability ethos in enterprise,” added Ms Downes.

Jim Dollard, executive director, ESB Generation & Trading added: “Our purpose at ESB is founded in the consistent belief that electricity is an enabler of economic growth and social regeneration. Our ambitious Driven to Make A Difference Strategy to be Net Zero by 2040 demonstrates our commitment to building a resilient electricity system of the future, where carbon-free energy will displace carbon emissions in how we power our lives, businesses and the economy.

“Given that and our multi-billion-euro investment in the Green Atlantic programme converting our existing facilities in Moneypoint, Co. Clare into a renewable energy hub, we welcomed the opportunity to sponsor the Chamber’s inaugural Sustainability Week and Conference. This will see the sharing of best practice, knowledge and experience as the Chamber’s members ensure their businesses embrace sustainability practices not only because it the right thing to do but because it’s good for business,” he added.

Full details of the Sustainability Week in the link below.

Shannon Chamber Sustainability Week 2023 Brochure

Bookings for Shannon Chamber’s Sustainability Week and Conference can be found at Advance booking is essential.

The Mid-West Sustainability Network was formed for CEOs and senior executives in Shannon Chamber member companies who are tasked with leading their organisations’ sustainability strategies. The inaugural Sustainability Week and Conference is a key initiative in the endeavour to position Shannon and the region as an exemplar contributor to sustainable development.

In delivering this SDG-focused week, Shannon Chamber is delivering on its commitment to uphold, communicate and implement the five SDGs (Goals 5, 8, 9,11 and 13), adopted by Chambers Ireland, in its work and in its interactions with members.