Shannon Chamber Secures Funding to Progress its Skillnet Training Network

The success of the Shannon Chamber Skillnet network in its first year of operation, September 2015 to September 2016, has resulted in the Chamber being allocated the funding, from Skillnets nationally, to continue the programme until year end 2016 and to apply for funding to run the Skillnet again in 2017.


Commenting on this news, Shannon Chamber’s chief executive Helen Downes stated: “Taking on a Skillnet was a completely new undertaking for the Chamber, albeit we had offered training previously but not on the same scale or frequency. Being a Skillnet has enabled us to put a framework on our training, appoint a steering group to assess the types of training needed and monitor the outcomes. In its first year of operation, Shannon Chamber Skillnet has delivered 40 training programmes to 318 executives in 113 member companies and has also provided training to 20 unemployed people.


“Feedback from all participating members has been that the calibre and frequency of the training provided by our Skillnet is increasing staff’s effectiveness, while the cross-sectoral aspect of the network has fostered a sharing of ideas and concepts during the progammes themselves.


“Our training programme until the end of the year is linked to network members’ needs and is now listed on our website at


Given that Skillnet funding is allocated on a year-by-year basis, by the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills, each Skillnet has to reapply annually for the funding to continue its network.


“We are currently preparing an application for 2017 funding and are hopeful of a successful outcome,” added Ms Downes.