Shannon Chamber member company SiTes’ CEO Appointed as Climate Pact Ambassador

Shannon Chamber congratulates CEO of member company, Sustainable Innovation Technology Services (SiTes), Mr Leonardo Piccinetti on his appointment as an Ambassador by the European Climate Pact Secretariat.

“This is a wonderful development given the strides being made by businesses in this region to attain greater levels of sustainability. This was demonstrated at a recent event organised by the Mid-West Lean Network which focused on  measuring and reducing carbon emissions throughout an organisation”, said Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes.

The European Climate Pact, launched in December 2020, works together with the European Commission Directorate General (CLIMA) to motivate people and organisations to create a greener Europe. The pact empowers people with knowledge and inspires EU citizens through events and ‘pledges’ to deliver science-based concrete actions and initiatives across a range of sectors, including agriculture, power and construction industries.

The Climate Pact Ambassadors comprise 181 selected individuals who will champion climate protection by engaging citizens, organisations, and different entities to support climate change actions. These Ambassadors will facilitate communications between citizens and the EC, and will address the need for political intervention balanced with acceptance by people of their individual responsibilities as consumers, travellers and by reducing their ecological footprint.

European Commission Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans said: “The European Climate Pact will bring together everyone who wants to take action for our planet. With the Pact, we want to help everyone in Europe take action in their everyday lives, and give everyone the opportunity to get involved in the green transition and inspire each other. When it comes to tackling climate change, anyone can take action, and everyone can contribute.” 

Leonardo Piccinetti commented: “This is indeed a great opportunity – I am honored to be an Ambassador of the EU Climate Pact and to support its efforts to transform the EU into a sustainable and healthier society by bridging civil society, stakeholders and the European Commission”