Shannon Chamber member companies to partake in disruptive technology projects funded by Government

“The fact that five projects from the Mid-West have received funding under the third round of the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund announced by Government, all of which involve Shannon Chamber member companies, is a huge endorsement of the innovative capability of the region’s and Shannon’s industry base,” said Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes.

Successful projects from the Mid-West, accounting for €12.8 million of the total €95 million funding announcement, involve Shannon-based companies, PBC Biomet Ltd, Mincon Group PLC and Modular Automation, and Limerick-based Analog Devices and the University of Limerick.

PBC Biomed Ltd is a consortium member with Dolmen Design and Innovation Ltd and Dublin City University (DCU) in a €3.4 million health and wellbeing research project, called the Ostic project, whose mission is to deliver an adhesive that will stick broken bone tissue together following fracture and then facilitate rapid healing and repair of the bone.

Mincon Group PLC and the University of Limerick are consortium members with Subsea Micropiles Ltd., and National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD) in a €2.88 million energy, climate action and sustainability to design and build a prototype robotic drilling system and anchor template for the installation of micropiled anchor foundations; anchors will be load tested to prove suitability for a wide range of applications including offshore wind.

Modular Automation and Analog Devices are consortium members with Emdalo Technologies Ltd., and Tyndall National Institute in a €2.85 million manufacturing and materials project The project called SAFETYBOT, will realize Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled safety solutions to service the Factory of the Future, enabling immersive collaboration between human workers, robots and automation equipment.

Analog Devices and the University of Limerick are consortium members with mSemicon Teoranta, ICERGi Ltd., Glantreo Ltd,  TisaLabs Ltd., Smart M Power Company Ltd., and Tyndall National Institute in the delivery of a €3.65 million ICT research project, named TRIDENT, which will develop a low-cost, high-performance sodium-ion smart battery system using entirely sustainable materials and processes. The overall ambition is to provide a complete plug-and-play solution for grid-integrated residential battery energy storage systems.

The University of Limerick will also be part of an ICT project team involving Tyndall National Institute, National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD),  A-TechSYN Ltd.,True Communication Technologies Ltd T/A VRAI and Ocean Print Ltd T/A WAZP who will use artificial intelligence to develop drones to detect drug smuggling. This project will establish Ireland as a world leader in autonomous drone and drone-AI technologies. The advanced drone capabilities developed will dramatically improve capability and reduce costs for interdicting drug smuggling.

Congratulating all five member companies, Ms Downes added: “To have companies in our membership that have the knowledge and capability to deliver exciting new technologies will greatly enhance Shannon’s and the region’s reputation as a contributor to innovation leadership.

“As Minister Harris said at the funding announcement, ‘the level of investment the Government is making in cutting-edge technologies will create employment opportunities for our graduates and help to maintain Ireland as an attractive destination for top research talent’. To see the Mid-West play its part in developing technologies for the future is truly inspiring. We particularly commend the company leaders and their teams for taking their businesses to the level where they can be significant players in technological research and development,” added Ms Downes.