Shannon Chamber Issues Pre-Election Manifesto to General Election Candidates

As we head towards the General Election date, and the subsequent election of a new Government, Shannon Chamber has issued its pre-election Manifesto to all general election candidates, highlighting the main issues affecting and of concern to its members.

The Manifesto (included below) has been informed by:

  • input and commentary from Chamber members;
  • consultation with Chambers Ireland; and
  • participation in the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC), an initiative of the Chambers of Commerce of Shannon, Limerick, Ennis, Galway, Roscommon, Mayo, Sligo, and the American Chamber of Commerce. Collectively, this network represents 73,500 employees, in 2,250 Irish-owned and multinational firms in the mid-west, west and north-west. Participation in the AEC has enabled Shannon Chamber to engage with business and chambers along the western corridor, and in so doing become a genuine partner to both the public and private sectors to drive and deliver a better future for Ireland’s western economic corridor.


Shannon Chamber looks forward to engaging with the 32nd Government, on the issues raised in this Manifesto, post its selection.


Shannon Chamber Election 2016 Manifesto FINAL