Shannon Chamber Encourages Members to Join the Shannon Business Watch Scheme

Garda Paul Clancy with Shannon Chamber chief executive Helen Downes


Shannon Chamber is pleased to inform its members, most particularly those located at Shannon Free Zone, that the Business Watch scheme, first introduced in 2010 for the Shannon Free Zone area of Shannon as part of the Community Policing initiative in the Shannon area is now being managed by Garda Paul Clancy at An Garda Siochana,  Shannon.


Business Watch is a crime prevention programme designed by An Garda Siochana. It is similar to the Neighbourhood Watch and Community Alert scheme, whereby the An Garda and the community come together to prevent and reduce crime. In this instance, the Business Watch Scheme’s focus is the business community.


Business Watch provides a framework whereby the business community can join together and be instrumental in preventing crime in their own community. Through awareness and observation, businesses can become extra ‘eyes and ears’ of An Garda and act as ‘Watchmen’ to their own and neighbouring premises in the prevention of crime.


Most crimes are crimes of opportunity: Business Watch aims to reduce this opportunity.


Register to Become a Business Watch Member/ Co-Ordinator


Shannon Chamber is delighted to be associated with this initiative and invites your company to register to become a Business Watch member. Membership simply involves being alert, aware, and being a good neighbour by reporting anything you regard as criminally remiss in your area.


To register, simply your company details, contact person and contact number and you will receive regular updates of issues of relevance and concern. To ensure that all data is current, it is advisable that all current members of the Scheme also re-register their interest in maintaining their link with the Scheme, so that details of all new and existing Business Watch Scheme members are captured.


Business Watch is managed by a group of coordinators; each coordinator acts as the link between the business community in a specific area of Shannon and An Garda. If your company wishes to nominate a staff member to be part of this initiative, we would ask you to submit the following details to Shannon Chamber at or simply click here


  • Name of Co-Ordinator
  • Title
  • Contact No
  • email


In advance of the formation of a co-ordinator team, if you note anything remiss in your area, we recommend that you contact:


Garda Paul Clancy,

Community Policing Unit,

An Garda Siochana,


Co. Clare


061 365900


NOTE: Business Watch is not intended, nor is it a substitute for, the daily services that the Shannon Garda station provides.