Shannon-based CW Applied Technology launches new ROOM UV-C Steriliser

Shannon-based CW Applied Technology has launched a new Room UV-C Steriliser product, developed in collaboration with a US company, to help companies in re-opening and maintaining their premises.

Making the announcement, managing director John O’Connell stated: “UV-C is the version of ultraviolet light that we are using in our device (also known as Germicidal UV). UV-C/GUV’s primary use in recent decades has been in healthcare facilities, using autonomous/robotic mobile units or lower cost, manually managed units to add enhanced hygiene to patient rooms to reduce hospital acquired infections.

“GUVs have also been used extensively in water treatment facilities and placed within heating and air-conditioning ductwork. GUV is being used in many countries to control airborne transmission of tuberculosis (TB).

“Our product is a compact, portable, lower cost, manually (as opposed to robotic) managed unit. UV-C units, similar to ours were used extensively in China during their efforts to contain and clean up after Covid19. A leading consultant thoracic and transplant surgeon here in Ireland has confirmed that UV-C products like the product we have developed is ‘as ubiquitous as the mop and bucket on every hospital ward in Ireland’.

“When all is said and done, our product delivers two key results. It helps inactivate viruses and kills bacteria left behind on surfaces after it has been cleaned and it provides reassurance to both employees and clients that a businesses, be that a hairdresser, a physio, a general practitioner, a dentist, a solicitor, a GYM operator, and many more, are taking every step to protect their health while on their premises.”

Congratulating CW Applied Technology (Shannon) Ltd on this innovative product release, Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes stated: “We are witnessing some great innovative thinking prompted by an urgency to get back to work and return to some form of normality. The release of this product demonstrates the creativity that exists within the cohort of companies we have here in Shannon. Prototype design, turnkey manufacturing, design support, excellent quality, competitive pricing and highly flexible scheduling is at the heart of everything John O’Connell and his team deliver. We are delighted to see them release yet another invaluable and innovative product.”

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