REMINDER: Deadline for representations to the Valuation Office re PVC is TODAY, Nov 1.

Shannon Chamber would like to remind member companies who may wish to make representation to the Valuation Office on any aspect of the Proposed Valuation Certificate (PVC) they have received from the Valuation Office to do so before Close of Business today – Tuesday, 1 November.

The Valuation Office will consider all representations and makes changes if appropriate before issuing Valuation Certificated and publishing valuation lists in September 2023. The new valuations will be the basis for commercial rates from January 2024.

Companies that are still dissatisfied with the valuation certificate can make an appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal.



Revaluation 2023 is a national programme aimed at ensuring that the rateable valuation of all commercial and industrial property in Ireland reflects the current business environment. 

After revaluation there will be a closer and more uniform relationship between the annual rental values of commercial properties and their commercial rates liability.

The Valuation Office will publish the new valuations in September 2023 and will be effective from 2024 onwards.

Mixed properties of domestic and commercial use will only be assessed on the commercial element of the property. Neither residential property nor agricultural lands are rateable and consequently are not affected by revaluation.