Minister Ross welcomes IAA preparations for new role as airport noise regulator in Ireland

In the course of a visit to the air traffic control tower at Dublin Airport today, Minister Shane Ross welcomed the briefing from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) on the state of its preparations to assume the role of regulator for all airport noise issues in Ireland. The regulatory arm of the IAA will take up the role of the Competent Authority for Noise once the new arrangements are given statutory effect by way of a Statutory Instrument currently being prepared.

Minister Ross said “the decision to designate the IAA as a separate, independent statutory entity or competent authority to oversee the delivery of the new, more prescriptive approach to airport noise management is a key reform. Up to now, responsibility rested largely with the airport operator but now we are determined to have a dedicated, competent authority in Ireland that is required to take responsibility for consideration of all airport noise issues in Ireland.

I think the IAA will perform very well in its new regulatory role in this area. It has an excellent track record in overseeing aviation safety, including airport safety. It has an in-depth understanding of aircraft and the operational procedures that play a major role in managing noise”.

Minister Ross emphasised the particular importance of the public consultation arrangements that have to be applied in this area.

He said “it is vitally important that there is absolute clarity about how the legitimate concerns of residents about increasing traffic at the airport will be taken into account. I expect the IAA to be highly active to fulfil its obligations to organise consultation processes, including with local residents and local businesses, in a timely and substantive way. All interested parties will be given the opportunity to give their comments”.

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