Minister Breen encourages interested parties to make submissions to Low Pay Commission on National Minimum Wage and Board and Lodging Rates


The Minister for Employment and Small Business, Pat Breen TD, is encouraging those with an interest in the national minimum wage to make submissions to the Low Pay Commission as it begins a new phase of work.

The Low Pay Commission is an independent body set up in 2015 whose main function is to advise the Government on the appropriate rate of the national minimum wage.

The Low Pay Commission is seeking submissions on the minimum wage itself in preparation for submission of its third recommendation on the appropriate rate of the minimum wage in July next year.

Minister Breen has also asked the Low Pay Commission to review the rates for board and lodgings, which are reckonable as part of the national minimum wage. In determining an employee’s average hourly rate, certain reckonable components may be taken into account. For example, if an employer provides an employee with full board and lodgings or lodgings only or full board only, a monetary allowance can be included as part reckonable pay. As these rates were set in 2000 and were not altered since then, the Commission was requested to examine and advise on an appropriate adjustment to the rates, taking into account the time that has passed since the rates were first set.

Minister Breen said, “We have fundamentally changed the way that the national minimum wage is set through the establishment of the Low Pay Commission and I am pleased that this independent body is now moving onto its next phase of work. I would encourage anyone with an interest in the National Minimum Wage or the issue of the board and lodgings rates to make their views known to the Low Pay Commission. All these submissions will enable the Low Pay Commission to be fully informed when making their recommendations to me. ”

As part of the public consultation process on the minimum wage and the board and lodgings rates, the Low Pay Commission placed advertisements in national newspapers yesterday (Thursday 1st December 2016) seeking submissions. All submissions should be sent to The Low Pay Commission, Room 207A, Davitt House, Adelaide Road, Dublin 2. D02 TW27 or email

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The closing dates for the submissions are as follows:-

1.        in relation to board and lodging allowances provided for under the National Minimum (Hourly Rate of Pay) Order 2000 – Tuesday 10 January 2017

2.        in relation to the national minimum wage – Thursday 9 February 2017.