Have you ever felt the need to be more in control of your health?

Have you ever felt the need to be more in control of your health? At Leeuwenhoek we can help.

Leeuwenhoek is a private clinical laboratory in Ennis offering health screening through blood and urine testing. We work to the ISO 15189 quality standards with qualified and competent staff.

Changing health trends, demographics and a growing rate of chronic lifestyle-related diseases has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for health services. A high burden on the public health care is causing more people to take a proactive approach, focussing on prevention and promotion of wellness. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and cancer are of a chronic nature and come with high health, economic and emotional costs. All good reasons to be more health conscious and aware of the benefits of proactive health management.
At our premises in the heart of Ennis, we offer:
Blood taking (phlebotomy)
In-house laboratory /analysis of samples
Professional review and evaluation of results
Reporting of results within 3 working days and presented in a detailed, personal and meaningful way. The report can be personally collected, posted and/or e-mailed (password protected)
Aftercare to provide any clarification and advise if needed ensuring that you understand your results and take the follow-up actions where required.
All of this without the need for a doctor’s referral or health insurance.
Leeuwenhoek’s Health Screening Packages are designed to fit screening needs according to age, gender or disease. This allows identifying risks of common and serious diseases or conditions in their earliest stages, even before symptoms begin. The tests are the same medically accepted lab tests ordered by GP’s and other healthcare providers with the advantage of the fast turnaround and being able to tailor to your specific needs if you wish.
We’re open 6 days from Monday to Saturday and early mornings and have easy parking.
For more information, call 065 6868 494, visit us at 64 O’Connell Street in Ennis (near the Cathedral, opposite Barrack Street) or check our website www.leeuwenhoek.ie.