Frosch Ireland Announces Partnership with Rocdoc for Covid Testing

Leading global travel management company Frosch Ireland has partnered with Irish healthcare company Rocdoc, to offer expedited COVID-19 testing.  Covid-19 testing facilities operated by RocDoc are now fully operational at Cork, Dublin, Shannon and Ireland West airports.   Frosch’s clients will now have access to several Covid-19 PCR tests with turnaround time for results between 24-48 hours. Frosch has taken this resourceful approach to the ongoing industry-wide challenge of reliable and timely COVID-19 testing before travel.

RocDoc’s testing facility is part of Ireland’s implementation of the EU-wide ‘traffic light’ system, which requires all passengers travelling from at risk regions to undergo a pre-departure test for Covid-19.

“We, at Frosch believe that in this increasingly complex environment, a travel advisor’s role has now changed dramatically, and it is our responsibility to provide our clients with innovative solutions to the challenges faced today. We are proud to partner with Rocdoc, to do all we can to help our clients travel safely and confidently. We believe that this unique partnership will help us in achieving that goal.” Angela Walsh CEO