Invitation to Consultation on Shannon Town Masterplan ‘One Shannon Hub’

  • Event: Invitation to Consultation on Shannon Town Masterplan ‘One Shannon Hub’
  • Date: 31/05/2022
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Venue: Online, Remote, Via MS Teams,
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The recently launched Shannon Town Centre Masterplan identifies the location and nature of a muti-functional civic, community, performance building– One Shannon Hub – and association public realm.

The One Shannon Hub (see pdf link below) will be a place where multiple uses coexist in the Town Centre to create new synergies and ensure activity throughout the day and night. It is proposed to create a new building and public realm improvements which will combine the Town Hall and a library, a performing arts venue (Estuary Hall) and a flexible innovation space ‘Greenhouse’.

This 3-in-1 approach merges community, cultural and civic uses, with Council offices relocated to the heart of the town. The flexible ‘greenhouse’ will be for a variety of uses that include coworking, education and training, facilities for local businesses, exhibitions, meeting rooms, conference opportunities culture etc. Above all, the One-Shannon is to a meeting space for all the community and stakeholders in Shannon.

Clare County Council are preparing a Design Brief for this building. The success of the building design and its function is significantly dependant on the preparation of a high-quality Design Brief and in particular input from key stakeholders.

In this regard, Clare County Council’s senior planner Brian McCarthy, together the consultant team is seeking to meet with a number of key stakeholders, in particular Shannon Chamber, to get input into the preparation of the design brief for the One-Shannon Hub. 

This invitation to representatives from Shannon Chamber member companies presents the ideal opportunity for an exchange of information on the opportunities the One Shannon Hub could provide to businesses  – as a solution to business, conference, meeting needs etc.

This is a unique opportunity for Shannon Chamber and its members to be proactively involved in the design of the One Shannon Hub.

One Shannon Hub – Extract


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